Women’s Mental Disorders – Sexual Dysfunctions

Women with mental illnesses also have a right to become mothers. If the illness is under control psychiatrically or psychotherapeutically and if there is a stable environment, parenting can have a stabilizing and positive effect. For some women, the desire to have children also proceeds with a certain feeling of uncertainty and fears.

Also, a depressive mood with frequent crying and brooding can be appeared after giving birth. The physical condition is also usually disturbed, e.g. by sleep disorders, loss of appetite, constipation, headaches and heart problems.

Furthermore, it is more likely for women to suffer from sexual problems than men. The most common sexual problems are a lack of interest in sex, orgasm difficulties and unpleasant sensations or pain during intercourse. Almost one in three women reported that they had no desire for sexual activity for a time period in their life.

Many women tend to ignore problems or carry them inside and cause an internal conflict to themselves. This is stressful and leads to emotional stress.

I will help you develop effective solutions to treat this kind of mental disorders and improve the quality of your life.